Why did we choose
a French manufacturer ?

Our line of nursing clothing is entirely made in France in a small family workshop that shares all of our values. We made this choice in order to:

  • Favor French know-how and offer quality pieces
  • Promote employment and the local economy
  • Promote working conditions that respect employees by ensuring them fair remuneration and respect for their rights
  • Favor short circuits and limit our carbon footprint and therefore our environmental impact.

Producing in France costs more, mainly because French employees are better paid and we are happy about that. Nevertheless, we have determined our prices in the fairest way, by applying a reasonable margin .

Clothing manufacturing cost and actual margins

“How much margin do we have? »

A brand is said to have a margin of X. On average, this margin is 3, but it can be up to 30 or 40 or even more in luxury ready-to-wear. The brand then puts 30X the final cost of the garment in its pocket. This is what allows them to carry out private sales and sales at -70% or more while remaining profitable and persuading you to get a good deal.

Fast Fashion / Slow Fashion

We are arriving at a time when it becomes necessary to consume more responsibly and to raise our awareness about our purchases.

  • Is what I buy of good quality?
  • Will I keep it for long?
  • Was it done in good conditions?
  • Does it respect the environment?

Although fast fashion allows you to buy more for less, the clothing purchased, in addition to having been manufactured in often questionable conditions, is not of very high quality. Thus, this item of clothing will wear out more quickly, which will encourage re-consumption.

On the other hand, when you buy clothing from slow fashion, it will be sustainable, due to its better quality, and made with better, more environmentally friendly raw materials. This will ensure you last longer and you will not have to re-consume. It's the principle of consuming less but better.

In the balance, prices come together because fewer purchases and the result is beautiful clothes that you can keep for years.

This is the direction that Milky Hour wants to go by offering you clothes to wear before, during and after breastfeeding . These are pieces that are both trendy and timeless, made in small quantities in materials mostly made from plant fibers and made in France with love!