There are still few brands that offer breastfeeding women friendly breastfeeding clothing. This is why the Milky Hour team does everything possible to think about and design breastfeeding clothing. sustainable And tendency. We are also committed to ensuring that all our products are ethical!

The founders

Elizabeth: There working mom par excellence, mother of 3 children and career lawyer. She decided to change everything to invest 100% in a project that would be born with her own hands (or almost???). A project that she wants to develop ethically alongside her daughter Clara.

Clara: There new working mom, she also comes from a legal background, a young mother of a newly arrived little boy. She loves fashion and is completely invested in this project which was an enlightenment for her and which she wanted to build alongside her mother.

The founders, water and fire, an incredible mother-daughter complementarity for a project EXCEPTIONAL!

The stylist

Agathe: Stylist, model maker, illustrator… And the list is not exhaustive. She draws unique models that we imagine and create together too trend that practice to delight more than one mother! She is the woman with multiple skills that we could not do without. And to our greatest happiness, she is part of the team!

The workshop

Because manufacturing in France was important to us, the beautiful workshop that accompanies us in this adventure is a family workshop located in the North of France, where mother and daughter also work jointly. This workshop works with precision And passion and shares our values ​​around family. It is here that our first prototypes came to life thanks in particular to the work of Agathe and of Valerie.

A small team with MULTIPLE talents!